Machine Embroidery Designs

In Memory of
Gregory August Allyn Brown
December 31, 1984 - September 14, 1999

All Proceeds Donated to Charity

Gregory in 8th Grade

Greg loved rockets, and wanted to be an astronaut. 

Diagnosed with leukemia March 1999

Congressman Bill Young and his wife held a bone marrow drive on USS Pearl Harbor.  Greg's only match in 3.7 million people was Richard Simpson, a crewmember on that ship. 

The Young's brought Greg's new marrow to the Oklahoma City hospital. 

Greg's nurse starting his bone marrow transplant.  That's it in the IV bag.  It looks like blood, and finds it's own way into the bones. 

Greg's leukemia was too aggressive, and he died 34 days later, only 6 months after he was diagnosed.

The Celestis Foundation sponsored Greg's burial in space, by sending a portion of his ashes into space, where they now orbit every 90 minutes.

The rocket builders at Orbital Sciences signed the Taurus rocket with the words
"Greg Brown
To Infinity and Beyond"
Greg's Leukemia Journal is at

The following machine embroidery design sets have been contributed by generous digitizers to benefit the Celestis Foundation and the National Marrow Donor Program.  
Each design set is $15.  Individual designs are $5.  

Design set 101 
Zodiac Babies

Design set 102 
Appliqués and buttonholes

Design Set 104 
Sewing Alphabet

Design Set 105 
Binky Alphabet

Design Set 106 
Planet Alphabet


Design Set 107 
Spring Things


Design Set 108 
Circus 1

Design Set 109 
Circus 2

Design Set 110  
Space Kids

Design set 111 
Planet Pals

Design Set 112 
Floral Circles

Design Set 113 
Park Avenue capitals

Design Set 114 

Design Set 115 

Design Set 116 

Design Set 117 
Baby things

Design Set 118 

bear1.JPG (33201 bytes)
Design Set 119 
Bear in a blanket 

Design Set 120 
Angel Kids Choir

GS120ex1.jpg (42910 bytes) 


Design set 121 
Reindeer Games 1
Design set 122 
Reindeer Games 2 

Individual Designs 
Design set 124 
Model Rockets

Greg's Space has been established to assist the Celestis Foundation in helping to make kids' space dreams come true.  We are grateful to them for helping make Greg's wish for space travel to come true, and we would like to help them to be able to help send other kids to space camp, provide grants to organizations that educate our children and the public about space, and support projects that will accelerate the opening of the space frontier. 



Proceeds will be shared with the National Marrow Donor Program.

"The Marrow Foundation is pleased to join Celestis in a partnership that provides an individual's dream of a singular space journey but will also offer hope of a life-giving transplant to countless patients who are searching for a marrow donor."

Jill E. McGovern, PH.D.
Chief Executive Officer
The Marrow Foundation
October 12, 1999

National Marrow Donor Program
3433 Broadway St. NE, Suite 500
Minneapolis, MN 55413