Greg's Space Design Set 124:  
Model Rockets       $15.00

Digitized in memory of Greg's birthday, which was New Year's Eve.  He died September 14, 1999, at age 14, only 6 months after being diagnosed with leukemia.  Three months later, on 12-31-99, we commemorated his 15th birthday by launching a model rocket at the schoolyard where he played.  We placed some of his ashes in the nosecone, and as the rocket reached it's highest point, the engine burned out and the nosecone opened, releasing his ashes into the sky.  The parachute was deployed, bringing the model rocket safely back to the ground. 

The first model rocket design kicked off an unfinished set of rockets of the month.  As I get new rockets completed, they will become available on this page for a limited time, then will no longer be free whenever the next rocket becomes available.  

All designs are in the unlocked pes format. 







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